Speed dating nyc 20s

) This situation could prove very uncomfortable and sometimes interests and preferences are different as well.

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Meetup Groups- Today there are groups devised around every topic and age group.

Even if they are married, they may know someone for you. Book store talks- Check out your local Borders or Barnes & Noble for their book signing and book discussion calendar.

You can listen to the people in the crowd and start a conversation. Professional Groups: Another good way to meet experienced professionals is to network at something like the chamber of commerce where you can give out your card and talk to people in a non-pressured way. Create a Classified Ad: If you want the freedom to very specifically describe yourself and the person you are looking for, why not create an ad?

Certain bike groups and meet ups will specify age ranges, otherwise you just need to go and see. Singles dining groups- What’s better than meeting new singles over a great meal?

There are now a number of dining groups for singles and some take into account matching you within your age range.

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