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But while I was trapped in a veritable taboo tempest of emotions, digi-perv had no similar hesitations. Lick it, and rub that tight Asian pussy while you do.

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I looked back at her for a moment, put my hands on her shoulders, and drew her face close to mine. Below, a tight stomach leading to more white underwear, lace perhaps, just covering the upper hint of...

I rolled over in my boxers, stared at the clock, and shut my eyes. "Jesus, alright," I moaned, stumbling to bring my legs under my shifting body. Possibly unplug in the middle," I blurted groggily, sure I could now return to my own, non-mysterious room. Lines of text appeared for each moment we lingered. My protestations began as I was placed into position.

I succeeded in not being pulled onto my ass, as my step-sister continued yanking me by the arm across my room. "I'm flattered that you would think of me for this," I began. "But I really wouldn't feel comfortable, you being my step-sister and all." My boxer shorts fell to meet the the damp towel. And your mother would kill me," I added, growing confident in my moral fortitude. "Yeah baby, sorry about the wait," my step-sister said to the computer.

When I finally found sure footing we were halfway down the hall. Step-sis hurried over to the laptop; typed frantically; looked back at me, paused, then typed some more. Much nicer than the common area, which she barely put any effort into... That changed when I felt a warm mouth around my cock. "Just imagine this cock," she shook mine, "is yours." That felt a little depersonalizing.

I realized where we were going--into the forbidden zone. Then we were inside, door shut behind me with a click. A familiar glow emanated from the floor, the sweet glow of a computer monitor. "OK." She was back in front of me, continuing her verbal assault. But the return of a wet tongue to my shaft, as it often does, quelled any thoughts of affronted dignity.

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