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Up to 48 titles may be entered with Pioneer Single-Play CD units and up to 100 titles with Pioneer Multi-CD Players.Ability to add future Pioneer devices that are not currently planned for.Easily download new pictures or animations from Pioneer's website, or creat your own from your home movies or JPEG's. Many Pioneer models feature 3-mode loudness, allowing you more precise control of the boost levels.Updating images is usually done by just burning a CD-R and putting in the CD player. This Pioneer-exclusive system uses an microphone (included) to automatically calibrate a flat frequency response for your vehicle.Higher-end headunit models offer a motorized option. The result is improved overall sound quality, particularly bass At low volume levels, low and high frequency sounds in music can be overpowered by ambient noise levels in the vehicle.Customize your screen using Pioneer's Screensaver Studio software. Loudness control provides an easy way to boost these frequencies and provide better overall sound at low volume levels.Pioneer's tuner technology that features strong resistance to three-signal intermodulation and multipath interference, for stronger, cleaner AM and FM reception even in areas with weak signals.

Adjusts the sound using the built-in Time Alignment settings to on-the-fly adjust the sound for the seating position you select.

Many Pioneer models feature a rotary volume control knob that is easier to grasp and use.

The Rotary Commander combines the rotary volume with a 7-way controller.

What BBE brings to the world of car audio is pure, natural sound that's as close to the original as possible.

Electronic are most common, with the typical '' '' and ''-'' keys.

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