Sidney crosby dating mario lemieux daughter

They didn't do much talking, but Bertuzzi apparently got even more distant and nervous when the deed was done.

There have been literally hundreds of hockey posts all mentioning the same players and the same vague rumors.

Saying you aren't planning to date doesn't necessarily mean you aren't having sex.

He may be having sex and hook-ups but may not be planning to date (eg.

Back in the late 80s, early 90s, Wendel Clark of the Toronto Maple Leafs was rumored to be gay.

But Clark eventually got married and knocked up the wife.

My friend swears up and down that he tricked with Todd Bertuzzi.

Once you have a partner or kids, scoring goals probably seems a bit trivial."We've had gossip from a 'gay hockey dad' in Sidney's hometown that he has a girlfriend stashed away up there.I am in major lust for Jonny :-)R 128, I think you're overthinking things a little.Not having a steady longterm girlfriend at that age is pretty common, especially for someone who's likely to get a lot of female attention.If he lives happily ever after with a woman, good for him.But for now he's about the hottest, richest, most eligible bachelor in Chicago - and could get any girl he wants - but doesn't seem to be getting any. And at age 20, the Blackhawks picked him as team captain....pretty cool for such a young kid.

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