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Try hanging out at college premises, if teens are your interest.

There are a lot of bars in the city, where you can pick up horny chicks.

You would know when a girl doesn't need to be disturbed, but other than that, the girls will be happy to talk.

No one is expecting you to ask her out during the day, so make small talk and take small steps, before making the move.

The girls are friendly but will avoid you if they don’t like you. If you are good at reading hints, you would stay away from danger and will only concentrate on girls who are willing to share their drinks with you.Other than the market, here are a few places to try your luck: The days might be dry and non-rewarding, but the night turns out to be the exact opposite.You see and meet plenty of girls and suddenly the atmosphere is all different.The girls here never back down, and their ambitious nature makes them quite interactive and fun-loving.With the official language being English and the majority population Christan, the culture is hardly a barrier in Accra.

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