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Our guess is about the same as the line of men waiting to jump out of a plane without a parachute. Peter and a friend rode to Old Orchard Beach from Winthrop on a random day.As they walked under the Pier Peter noticed Erin and her new boyfriend on the beach.Did State Police Trooper Duane Doughty use his police powers to get a tracker on Peter’s phone?

60 Minutes made a point to highlight one of the early millionaires that went to prison for knowingly facilitating a crime, yet bounced back driving a Maserati and a 0,000 boat, and another guy who paid for pizza over the years with Bitcoin that today has a value of 0,000,000. Albeit several had to consult their own rulebook, while on the bench, to read the rule because apparently no one had ever invoked it upon them before.

Big news flash, the Federal Reserve Bank spokeswoman didn’t think crypto was any good.

This from the crew that prints hundred dollar bills like other companies prints wallpaper. You can’t buy toilet paper in Venezuela, even with Bitcoin. AOC ought to spend a week there using her hand like the population does.

Duane thought so highly of Peter he recommended him to be a State Trooper and a Portland Police Officer.

What changed that caused all of this off the rails and off duty reckless and career ending misconduct?

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