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Set-aside under § 13-907 does not relieve duty to register.

Youthful offenders: No prior or subsequent sex offenses, no pending sex offense charges. No specific provision for early termination of adult registrants.

May petition court for relief after 20/10/5 years (from date of discharge by DOC), depending on the offense, or upon successful completion of deferred adjudication. Relief not available for serious violent offenses/SVPs. Sex offenses not eligible for sealing under § 24-72-702. Youthful offenders: Termination must not conflict with federal law. Certain less violent offenses: May petition court for relief from registration, residency and employment restrictions 10 years after completion of sentence. Sex offenders must wait 10 years before applying, and a separate application form is required.

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Offenders still on conditional release of any kind must additionally obtain stipulation of district DOC director. Life/25 years/15 years, depending on offense/SVP status/recidivist status.

Sealing available 5 years after termination of juvenile court jurisdiction or upon turning 18. § 16-22-103(5)20/10/5 year relief/Deferred adjudication: No additional criteria. Life (tier III/recidivists)/25 years (tier II)/15 years (tier I).

Certificate of rehabilitation: Must not have been subsequently incarcerated. Removal from website: No conviction for certain listed offenses. Must reside in California for 5 years prior to application. Juvenile offenders: May petition for relief after discharge of sentence/disposition, unless court orders continuing registration. Relief not available for serious violent offenses/SVPs . Misdemeanor first offenders under 18 convicted of unlawful sexual behavior/indecent exposure may immediately move to be exempted from registration requirements. 20/10/5 year relief/Deferred adjudication/Juvenile offenders: No prior/subsequent sex offense conviction. Misdemeanor offenders under 18: No prior sex offense charges, no prior unlawful sexual behavior charges. Out of state convictions, see § 54-253(a) (until registration terminates in jurisdiction of conviction).

Deferred/withheld adjudication does not provide relief, §§ 1(7), :24(b), nor does expungement, La.

Expungement relieves public registration obligation only. "The requirement to register shall apply to an offender who is pardoned." § 4(A), (B)(1).

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