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Seventh Day Adventists believe that there is a sanctuary in heaven set up by God. In the first phase of this, called the ascension, Jesus became High Priest of this sanctuary.In 1844 at the end of a prophetic period of 2,300 days, Jesus entered the second phase of his atoning ministry.Not that it is necessary in order to make known to God what we are, but in order to enable us to receive Him.” Her book has been published in more than 165 languages.In 2014, the Smithsonian Magazine named White as one of 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time.

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Those who are living in Christ when this happens are able to enter the kingdom.

The Heavenly Sanctuary is considered the heavenly model for the Old Testament sanctuaries.

The document that Seventh Day Adventists ascribe to is the 28 Fundamental Beliefs, which discuss the teachings of “Holy Scriptures.” They are categorized as doctrines of God, man, salvation, church, Christian life and end day events.

The beliefs about God are: the Bible as the Word of God; the Trinity as a unity of God, the Father and the Son; the Father as the creator; the Son as the God incarnate; the Holy Spirit as an inspiration for the scriptures.

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