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Savchenko/Szolkowy placed third at the 2006 Cup of China and won the 2006 Cup of Russia, qualifying them to the 2006–2007 Grand Prix Final, held in Saint Petersburg.

They finished second with a total of 180.67 points, 22.52 behind Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo, who won gold.

The pair split after the 1998 World Junior Championships where they placed 13th.

Her next partner, Stanislav Morozov, was also from club Dynamo Kiev.

They were coached by Halyna Kukhar and won the 2000 World Junior Championships, twice won the Ukrainian National title, and placed 15th at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Savchenko's partnership with Morozov dissolved in 2002 because of health issues.

Three months later, she relocated to Germany and the new team began training in earnest with former World champion Ingo Steuer as their coach.

Savchenko’s previous five world titles came with now-retired Robin Szolkowy.

With Morozov, she was the 2000 World Junior champion, the 1999–2000 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, and a two-time Ukrainian national champion.

Savchenko and her first partner, Dmytro Boyenko, were coached by Olexander Artychenko, and represented Ukraine under the auspices of the club Dynamo Kiev.

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Pairs with Massot 1 (2017–18) 4 (2016–17) 25 (2015–16) Pairs with Szolkowy 2 (2013–14) 2 (2012–13) 1 (2011–12) 1 (2010–11) 1 (2009–10) 1 (2008–09) 1 (2007–08) 3 (2006–07) 7 (2005–06) 28 (2004–05) Pairs with Morozov 52 (2003–04) * (2002–03) 12 (2001–02), Olena Valentynivna Savčenko; German Romanization: Aljona Sawtschenko, sometimes Aliona Savchenko; born 19 January 1984) is a Ukrainian-born German pair skater.

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