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Are you a better lay when you’re angry and wrathful? Her: And bonus question number 4 if u care to answer, how often do you follow girls down the road to sandwich compliment them?

But i kind of just hate him too much right now to care. Tell me something about u mr judgemental Me: You have three questions. Her: One, what was the worst moment in ur whole entire life? Three, how many times have you honestly been in love?

Me: Btw, shooting on a girl’s face is a major kink of mine. [one hour passes] Her: Why did u suddenly decide that? Me: Since June 2010 I decided I will do only those things that interest me and not give a fuck. Make my life a hell of a story for when I’m aged 70 as a washed up drunk in a Jamaican beachfront dive. Her: I will answer anything come on u can ask me 3 Me: Met 1999, married 2006, divorced 2009. Feminist ideology aside, do you enjoy being dominated in bed? What’s the sexual thing you most thought about but haven’t had the courage to try? Answer THOSE badboys Her: Reall number, and its something i am not proud of at all… 3 were long term relationships and the rest were friends of mine who it seemed like a good idea to sleep with… With and also how many times a day on average you play with your…

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