Ruby on rails dating site

Should the server send data about this user’s followers in the API response?

Or should it keep the response very light because what you need is only basic data about this one user?

When using the Ruby without Devkit version, the MSYS2 Devkit can be installed separately by running .

MSYS2 is required to build native C/C extensions for Ruby and is necessary for Ruby on Rails.

Your users#index action is trying to respond but of course you don't have a template so you get an error.

It is bundled into the Ruby Devkit installer version as a selectable component, so that no additional downloads/installs are required.The Ruby core and standard library documentation is part of the installation.We also recommend the online documentation or HTML version downloadable from Let’s say you’re building a Twitter-like social network where users can follow other users.While designing your API, you might want to add an endpoint () to retrieve data about a specific user.

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