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Then again we have to call that Bind Grid Data () method to bind data for the textboxes.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.the idea wa to don't allow binding the grid view after a post back.hello my problem was that my gridview editable controls heep their old values.So am calling the method Bind Grid Data method which is overloaded .Please help me with writing a Row Updating function in C#, I don't know how to grab the current field's value and also get the old value for one of keys (which is Project Name for editing) of the selected row.

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Time Entry Date between dateadd(dd, -6, @Week Ending) and @Week Ending) AND TE.

I'm using a sqldatasource control to populate the grid and want to write the update code in the Row Updating event. I can get the value of the first field using string old_Category = e.

To String(); it returns an error message Index was out of range. ID="Grid View1" runat="server" Auto Generate Columns="False" Data Source ID="Sql Data Source1" Border Width="0px" Border Style="None" Width="100%" Cell Padding="2" Page Size="25" On Row Deleting="Project List Grid View_Row Deleting" onrowdatabound="Grid View1_Row Data Bound" onrowupdating="Grid View1_Row Updating" onrowediting="Grid View1_Row Editing" ID="Drop Down List1" runat="server" Data Source ID="sds Ddl Projects Edit" Data Text Field="Project Name" Data Value Field="Project ID" Auto Post Back="True" onselectedindexchanged="Drop Down List1_Selected Index Changed" " Select Command="SELECT @Week Ending Week Ending , Project , Project ID , Category , Category ID ,isnull([1], 0) Sun ,isnull([2], 0) Mon ,isnull([3], 0) Tue ,isnull([4], 0) Wed ,isnull([5], 0) Thu ,isnull([6], 0) Fri ,isnull([7], 0) Sat from (select P.

The above piece of code will also do the same as label in Item Template and Textbox in the Edit Item Template.

By default all the boundfields will be trasferred as Textboxes in Edit Mode.

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