Row cannot be located for updating mysql Fuck tonight no credit catd

I know this is possible, but cannot find out how this is done from D7. I have a form that has a couple of grids and databound controls.Without this, ADO will default to taking *all* fields as the key and stuff these in the SQL WHERE clause it constructs on the fly. The datasources are set to some TADOQuery's which have master datasources too.

The following code block has a generic SQL syntax of the UPDATE command to modify the data in the My SQL table − The WHERE clause is very useful when you want to update the selected rows in a table.This will use the SQL UPDATE command with the WHERE clause to update the selected data in the My SQL table tutorials_tbl.The following example will update the tutorial_title field for a record having the tutorial_id as 3.EDatabase Error--Row cannot be located for updating.Some values may have been changed since it was last read ******ADO Errors******* *Error Number: -2147217864 * *Source: Microsoft Cursor Engine *Description: Row cannot be located for updating.

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