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This passion for comedy went back to when she was a child, as she was always sort of the class clown, she told the Miami Herald.“Growing up watching watching all that stuff really was a big part of my childhood,” she said.

“Right after high school I went and did Second City, did all the comedy stuff there, and then got into doing some method acting.

Young says that unlike the Lunatic Fringe character, her boyfriend is a lovely person and much different than viewers might expect.“I can’t give away too much because we are very private about our relationship,” she said.

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Young explained, “They asked me to do a wrestling show within a couple of months of me being there, and I was like ‘Yes, yes I can do that. Young says her questions were incredibly stupid but that she thought they were hilarious at the time; they were so bad that the WWE ended up canceling the interview as soon as they heard her questions.“Now they pay me to ask questions,” she said. ” Although she wasn’t overly familiar with modern wrestling when she joined Score, that isn’t to say she had no prior history with the WWE.

Although she now makes her living as an interviewer and commentator, Young originally wanted to pursue a career in improv comedy.

She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19, hoping to find work as a comedic actress.

Young will also be a regular cast member in the upcoming season of Total Divas.

Here’s everything you need to know about Renee Young.

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