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Email address policies in Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019 are basically unchanged from Exchange Server 2010.The SMTP domains that are available to use in email address policies are defined by the that are configured in the Exchange organization (specifically, authoritative domains and internal relay domains).It is not the normal behavior for the RUS to regenerate recipient addresses to force them to match the policy. The regeneration of proxy addresses only occurs when the policy is in an "applied" state. These two options only control the scope of users that the RUS looks at - they do not affect the decision-making process that occurs for each user. I have the new users that I set up using the new policy. For example, "Department equals Sales or Department equals Marketing". For example, "Department equals Sales and Company equals Contoso".If a recipient is identified by multiple email address policies, the recipient's email addresses are only configured by the first email address policy that's evaluated.

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There are two basic options: precanned recipient filters and custom recipient filters.I have a single Recipient Policy running and for some reason it is not updating on the users.It still has smtp accounts from the old system being populated on the new accounts. Thanks The normal behavior of the RUS is to leave a user's email addresses alone, regardless of whether those addresses match the policy. I did restart the System Attendent and "Update Now". You assign a higher priority (lower number) to policies that use the most specific or restrictive recipient filters.Here are some other issues to consider: Exchange setup creates a default email address policy that applies email addresses to all recipients in your organization.

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