Rapinoe and wambach dating

The USWNT is the most successful women’s soccer team in the world, with four World Cups, four Olympic Gold Medals and eight CONCACAF Gold Cups.

Yet the USWNT will only receive 0,000 each for their World Cup victory.

Rapinoe led the fight for equal pay, filing suit against the U. She made headlines for asserting her refusal to visit the White House upon winning the title and her vocal disapproval of the Trump administration.

She’s been invited to the Capitol by Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also invited her to Washington.

, to father Jim Rapinoe, and mother Denise Rapinoe.

She was born as the youngest among 6 children of her parents with her fraternal twin sister Rachel Rapinoe, who is also an American soccer player.

Now the USWNT is embracing and even celebrating its players’ out lesbianism as led by co-captain Rapinoe. S., beat France in the quarterfinal right before France’s Pride Day, Rapinoe said, “Go gays!

You can’t win a championship without gays on your team — it’s never been done before, ever. ” Rapinoe added, “For me, to be gay and fabulous, during Pride month at the World Cup, is nice.” The USWNT tweeted her quote.

Rapinoe calls herself a “walking protest” against Trump, calling him “sexist, misogynistic, small-minded, racist” and “not a good person.” In a statement after Trump attacked her, she said she was “an American patriot.” She also said in part, “I think that this country was founded on a lot of great ideas, but it was also founded on slavery....She began her training from an early age with her father, and also played with the south side of Elk Grove Pride in . Apart from soccer, Megan has done philanthropic work for the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network and the United States Olympic Committee as well as actively supports a charity organization ‘Common Goal’ created by Juan Mata of Manchester United.Megan stands 5 feet 6 inches(height) and has blonde hair.Rapinoe is the most famous lesbian in the world right now and the World Cup wasn’t just a victory for women’s soccer or the U. Earlier in the year Rapinoe had been asked whether she would go to the White House if her team won the World Cup.She said, “I’m not going to the fucking White House.” She later apologized to her teammates for the obscenity, but not for the comment, urging them to “think hard” about what associating themselves with President Trump would mean.

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