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All of the gilded figures are designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

124 of them date to the original founding of the temple in the 12th century CE, while the other 876 were made a century later in imitation of the lost originals.

The exterior walls are painted red with the window frames in blue.

The winner of such competitions had to fire the most arrows the entire length of the temple.Standing around 1.6 metres (64 inches) tall, many derive from Indian Buddhism and mythology.A lively group of action figures, they each represent such concepts as beauty, wisdom, prosperity, charity, justice and strength.Kannon sits on an octagonal lotus flower with seven levels of petals. Ink inscriptions inside the body of the figure and on the lotus seat indicate it is the work of the great Kamakura Period (1185-1333 CE) sculptor Tankei, who was the leader of the Kei-ha school of Buddhist sculpture and who would have been 82 at its time of creation in 1254 CE.Either side of the seated Kannon figure filling half the temple are 1,000 smaller statues of Kannon, each being around 1.7 metres (5.5 ft) in height.

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