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The RATE project (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) was a research project conducted by the Creation Research Society and the Institute for Creation Research between 19 to assess the validity of radiometric dating and other dating techniques in the light of the doctrine of a recent creation.

Gove consulted numerous laboratories which were able at the time (1982) to carbon-date small fabric samples. [...] The pressure on the ecclesiastic authorities to accept the Turin protocol have almost approached illegality.

The RATE team acknowledged evidence for over 500 million years' worth of radioactive decay in the earth's history at today's rates.

However, they claimed that other evidence indicated that the earth is much younger.

Any portrayal of the RATE project as confirming scientific support for a young earth, contradicts the RATE project’s own admission of unresolved problems. The project has also been criticized by geologist Kevin Henke for, among other things, using faulty standard deviations, misidentifying rock samples, and correcting "typographical errors" in other researchers' data without providing any evidence that such corrections were warranted.

who noted that, among other problems, the RATE team had used an unrealistic diffusion model, had misidentified the rock samples, had made incorrect assumptions about their thermal history, and had used incorrect standard deviations.

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