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On a related note, if you make even an average income, you will likely be able to manage that amount of debt if all that gets reduced are your interest payments.With an average income, a debt greater than ,000 may be unmanageable, and having the principal reduced may be necessary to experience real relief.First, there is a difference in the amount of money that you will actually save under both debt solutions.Although you will save money on interest payments when you pursue credit counselling, your savings are usually not as significant with credit counselling as they are with debt settlement.Not every debt relief option in Canada is right for every Canadian debtor, and you should understand the pros and cons of each, especially how they pertain to your situation.Once you have done that, it is good to look at two different debt relief options side by side and get a true apples-to-apples comparison.When you qualify for debt settlement, your principal is reduced, which generates more savings over time even if your interest rate never changes.

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In contrast to a debt solution such as personal bankruptcy, debt settlement and credit counselling do not force the hand of your creditors.X The nice thing about term or personal loans is that they have an end date that isn’t too far off and, if you chose a fixed interest rate, predictable and generally mandatory monthly payments.“That is why we recommend them,” Hannah said.Term loans may come with interest rates slightly higher than those available through a line of credit or a mortgage.Whether you finally choose debt settlement or credit counselling, you should be sure that you are making the best decision for your finances.Fill out the debt relief form to learn more about your options and find out which debt relief solution is right for your situation.

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