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This resulted in many taxa that have traditionally been classed as subspecies to be elevated to species level. The e Bird database uses the Clements Checklist - see here.

At the same time a smaller number of species were demoted to the subspecies rank. "Review of HBW and Bird Life International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World Volume 1: Non-passerines". The August 2016 edition of the Clements/ebird list included 10,514 species in 237 families. The Dating of Scientific Names in Ornithology: a Directory to the literature and its reviewers. ISBN There are also a number of family monographs (such as the Hayman "Shorebirds" and Harrison's "Seabirds" in the Helm Identification Guides series); some are available on line at Amazon using the Search Inside feature.

includ[ing] previously unknown facts with critical analysis of their importance … a completely original approach to the subject”; moreover, “a unique and essential source for taxonomists, particularly relevant for members of our society, which was founded as the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History”.

This book and the included CD Rom are a searchable treasure trove. The Prize Committee assessed it as “a truly scholarly work …

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The discussion by the SACC on proposed changes to the taxonomy are also posted online. Gill and Donsker provide several Excel files including a comparison of their own list with other world lists.The Handbook of the Birds of the World was published in 16 volumes between 19. Backgrounds are first provided on the Code and on printing and publishing over the last 250 years. This is the first book to explain the importance of priority in relation to names in ornithology and in the context of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.

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