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If you live in the downtown Poulsbo area, PAC is the best choice, hands down. Well I think I was in the excited honeymoon period and now one year later I am saddened by this facility and really wish there was something better. Sometimes one is removed but it's just brought back and breaks. But usually they stop working while you are mid run or they won't hold the incline. Is super small and is shut down unannounced every couple months. Classes - I stopped going to classes when I was in better shape than the instructors.

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Also, they leave one nasty rag sitting on top of each bottle all day so you're just spreading the germs from machine to machine.I have made some wonderful connections with individuals at this place. After I get out of the water and take a shower I hit that dry sauna and it is so soothing to my soul. The physical therapists are the ones that other physical therapists recommend seeing when you have a special problem.The entire staff is first class from top to bottom which makes it a really Pleasant place to spend a morning or afternoon or evening.The membership fees are so high that just one person's annual fees can buy a new machine but I guess the owner doesn't want to make the investment to keep members.The worst thing (at least to me) is they have bottles of Simple Green out ON THE FLOOR for members to wipe down machines after use.

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