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The isolation ended with the German publication of Gunnar Erdtman's 1921 thesis. Hyde and Williams chose palynology on the basis of the Greek words paluno meaning 'to sprinkle' and pale meaning 'dust' (and thus similar to the Latin word pollen).

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A palynofacies is the complete assemblage of organic matter and palynomorphs in a fossil deposit.Pollen analysis advanced rapidly in this period due to advances in optics and computers.Much of the science was revised by Johannes Iversen and Knut Fægri in their textbook on the subject.Palynology does not include diatoms, foraminiferans or other organisms with siliceous or calcareous exoskeletons.Palynology as an interdisciplinary science stands at the intersection of earth science (geology or geological science) and biological science (biology), particularly plant science (botany).

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