Pol chat line

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At that time, the Company will automatically attempt to collect your monthly subscription fee using your preferred billing method.

If you have not set a billing preference, the Company will attempt to collect the monthly fee from your earned commissions where you have a positive Net Financial Position (NFP) that is at least ten times the amount of the monthly service fee.

Your account will be billed each month on this day unless your bill day is changed using the My Account tab in POL or you close your account.

Monthly billing for all paying subscriptions occurs monthly.

More importantly, they allow the channel’s community to stay connected and chat even when the creator isn’t streaming.

Rooms are custom chat spaces that are available from the channel page itself, and can be set up by anyone on their own account.

They’re found in the header of the Stream chat on the creator’s channel, which is both where Rooms can be created or joined.

That doesn’t mean that Twitch will tolerate hateful content in the sub-chats, but it could help by hiding posts that may have otherwise been misinterpreted by casual viewers who didn’t understand the context.

Twitch says the feature was something that was designed based on requests from the community, and will continue to be iterated on throughout the year.

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