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We also have images of the many other canneries that have and continue to operate on Mitkof Island.Individuals and organizations are now able to obtain historical cannery images from our museum.He also brought Chinese people to Petersburg to work in the cannery.Later, Native people from Kake joined the workforce. The ice from Le Conte Glacier kept the halibut cold all the way to Seattle. Norwegian settlers continued to make their home in Petersburg, which became an incorporated city in 1910, two years after the initial articles of incorporation were rejected because women had signed them.In 1899 the Icy Straight Packing Company was built on the northern shore of Mitkof Island with money from people who had invested in his other operations.Peter Buschmann needed a workforce so he sent word to Norway and friends and relatives showed up to work.

The Icy Straits Cannery, which is now Icicle Seafoods, has been the lifeblood of our town and the images bring Petersburg’s history to life.Before the introduction of mechanical peeling machines [in the early 1950s], all shrimp were hand peeled.Machines proved to be far more economical to operate and had a tremendous capacity.By: Kathi Riemer The shores of Mitkof Island were pretty quiet for millennia.Mitkof Island was a great little spot for summer visitors, people interested in catching life sustaining fish, but the island never caught on as a place to set down roots. Petersburg, Alaska is a small town on the northern tip of Mitkof Island.

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