Pattinson dating twig

The line between when you’re performing and when you’re not will eventually get washed away and you’ll go completely mad.” Well, good for him. And they definitely seem happy keeping to themselves as much as possible!

A story about Robert Pattinson’s reaction to FKA Twigs’s romance with Shia La Beouf is made-up.

She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again—just watch. ”) Well, Pattinson uses that as his presidential claim-to-fame. This response came after The Sunday Times interviewer, Eve Barlow, pressed him for information on his romance with Waterhouse.The article was clearly manufactured to capitalize on the latest news of La Beouf’s divorce from Mia Goth and subsequent relationship with Pattinson’s ex-fiancee.But the quotations in the report from a so-called “source” are so provably false, it’s obvious the entire tale is fabricated.Interestingly, much like how the current report makes no mention of Goth and Pattinson’s professional connection, its 2017 story about them getting “cozy” neglected to note she was married then to La Beouf. Unlike Gossip Cop, which sticks to the facts, Hollywood Life often publishes fiction about Pattinson. “Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry NOT ‘Making Out’ At Los Angeles Restaurant, Despite Claim.” Gossip Cop, 27 Jan.

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