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Smith told In 1990, the couple moved to Los Angeles and had their first child, Evan.

Just one year later, the couple married and welcomed their second child, Jessica. Now the rock 'n' roll pair reside back where it all started—on the New Jersey coast—while they continue to make music and perform together.

Not only that, it offers you tips to ensure that your man stays attracted to you forever.

The Single Girls Handbook is indeed a must read for every woman.

In order to find someone who will love us for who we are, we must first begin to love ourselves.

Is difficult to find someone who will love and treat you better than you will treat yourself. The Single Girls’ Handbook is so unique as it offers you tips and techniques that will help shape your thinking and build confidence in yourself and show you exactly what you need to do to start attracting your soul mate.

I’m sure you will take your time before picking one.

Answering this question is very key to locating your soul mate.

If you don’t know him, how will you know when he shows up?

With experience in the dating and relationship field, Patti Stanger offers dating advice like no other.

In the Single Girls’ Handbook, Patti reveals why most women end up attract the same kind of losers over and over again.

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