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Making the switch from being a soloist who is put in the corps de ballet once every couple of years, to someone who is in the corps de ballet 100% of the time was bad.

It didn’t help that for the entirety of Sem 1, I was preparing for a ballet exam which meant that I was dancing twice a day on training days.

Instead of doing something that you’re bound to do during one of your summer breaks anyway, why not find a way to differentiate yourself?

Do something you know many others in your field will be lacking in but is a skill that is sought after by employers.

As for how the CCA is people-wise, I guess there’s no real stereotype as we’re all from different schools and backgrounds.

After 15 years of dance, I thought I had already dealt with every possible personality, yet a surprise awaited at every corner.

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Everyone has vastly differing motivations/objectives so there’s bound to be some friction. Awareness and the ability to take criticism is very important in order to survive in such an environment.I’m sure you know who is better off in terms of skills set.An observation is that if you’re pursuing a very technical or professional degree, there’s marginal returns in interning in an organisation in that field before beginning university.Constant muscle fatigue was to be expected but what I had not anticipated was the friction that came with being part of a team.Having never had to consult anyone on anything in relation to dance, it was tough adjusting to a whole other level of accountability.

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