Normal dating period before marriage

" didn't start making its way into my thoughts until maybe 3-3.5 years. We will probably get married around the 5 or 6 year mark, depending on what our finances look like.

If we get married next year, I'll be 29 and he'll be 33.

Most also said they'd become more committed to each other since getting married (80%) and that they were happier (60%).

Pretty much every person on the planet would say that, when they decide to get married, they want to stay married for life.

People's attitudes toward marriage are also considerably different now compared with previous generations'.

We don't feel compelled to tie the knot, unlike many of our parents, with 83% saying they felt no pressure to marry and 84% having discussed it before the proposal.

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These days, the average bride and groom will also have had two serious relationships before settling down.

(Compare that with 22.6 years old for women and 24.6 years old for men in 1971.) Most couples said they’ve also had two serious relationships before they meet The One.

Apparently the majority of people are looking at marriage as a partnership they want to enter into, which is always good to hear.

Wow, I went to school for 5 years to earn a master's degree.

Can't imagine why anyone would tell you you're afraid of commitment if you waited for 2 years to get married. I was with my previous SO for nearly 5 and the thought of "Do I want to eventually marry this person?

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