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In a functional, sane world, I would not be formulating thoughts and sentences about a couple of Nickelodeon stars and the Instagram fling that may or may not have torn their world apart.A month ago, I barely knew who Jennette Mc Curdy was.No reason I’m sharing these details other than to paint a full and accurate picture of Jennette Mc Curdy, the human being, before we move on to …On March 3, mere days after Mc Curdy’s tell-all with Holmes, photos of Mc Curdy in racy lingerie hit the web (NSFW-ish, no nudity).

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Plus, this beef involves leaked sexy pics, two family deaths, an NBA player, and popular comedy podcaster Pete Holmes. It started just about a year ago, after Mc Curdy’s fans (henceforth referred to as Mc Curdians) alerted her to the fact that Drummond had been posting about her on Instagram under the “Woman Crush Wednesday” hashtag (#WCW, duh).Mc Curdy still thanked both Arianators and Mc Curdians for their support in her statement; the war between the two factions was still cold.One could easily assume that the negotiations would come to an end and the hit show would get its second season. On June 2, as rumors surrounding the fate of continued to swirl, Mc Curdy dropped the first in an ongoing series of hot truth bombs on her Twit Longer.“I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing.” She also claimed that this had nothing to do with the photo scandal.A couple of days later, TMZ filled in the blanks: Mc Curdy was in the midst of negotiating her deal for a second season of and was less than pleased about how much more Grande was making than she was, so she boycotted the event (which is also produced and aired by Nick).

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