My dreamweaver template not updating pages

Not sure if you’re still monitoring this for questions, but just in case…My site uses a template which holds a banner image at the top and a Table Of Contents down the left side of every Christopher Heng, Nearly all websites have more than one page.Creating multiple pages for a website is a relatively simple task; things only get troublesome when you want to make a design change that affects all the pages of your website.In addition, for those who are completely new to making a website, I strongly recommend that you read How to Make / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide first.By the end of this chapter, you will have created nearly all the pages of your website.Templates not only streamline the process of adding pages to a Web site, but they also make it very easy to update the look and structure of already created Web pages.In this three-part series, I’ll take you through the basics of creating and using templates, as well as explore advanced techniques that let you get the most out of Dreamweaver templates.

I will assume knowledge of all the things I've mentioned in the previous chapters.

Is it possible to identify which pages have been generated by a specific template without actually making a change to the template and choosing to update?

I want to document which files are associated with each of my templates and I would be thrilled to find a simple way of doing that.

Most of the problems stem from a misunderstanding of the basic concepts governing templates and a few common mistakes.

Here is what you need to understand to get started with templates.

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