My brother dating my ex girlfriend dating tips callling conversation

I dated a ton of her close friends and eventually her little sister who I later married and had kids with.

As soon as I started dating my wife the friendship went super downhill.

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Fast forward another year or two, and THEY get married... Sad but they were married for 25 years before he passed.

My ex-GF now shrieks my name every time Lil' Taylor gets into s--t.

In seven years they rarely ever did things together,distant circle of friends, and the ex doesn't come to family functions ever not even Christmas.

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Younger sister always crushed on me and was flirty but obviously ignored it because I really liked the whole family and didn't want to do anything to f--k that up.

So I broke up with the ex, about a month later the sister is up at college like 1.5 hours from me, we've been texting and she says she wants me to visit.

We can only imagine the uncomfortable feeling of knowing your family is close to your ex, but a decade later it only got more awkward for the man.“Fast forward 10 years, and she’s dating my younger brother, and I have to invite them TO MY WEDDING.”“Fast forward another year or two, and THEY get married…

so now my ex-GF is my sister-in-law.”For those of us who can't imagine even being in the same room as our ex - let alone having to see them at every holiday and family dinner - this would be peak awkwardness.

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