Micro dating com

And worrying about not being able to find the hours or money to spend quality time together will probably end up causing you more stress than the date night would have helped ease, anyway.

For example, when you wake up in the morning, do you both tumble out of bed on opposite sides and blearily wander off to sort the children’s breakfasts and packed lunches?

Suggestions you could try There are so many possible ways micro-dating could improve the quality of your parental life.

As our survey told us that 39% of you find it difficult to come up with new ideas for date nights, and that 53% of you said you’d love there to be somewhere that provided you with some ideas, we’ve taken matters in hand and offer some thoughts to help get you started.

Taking it to the next level From there you can step things up a little, by taking breaks from routine to do a little something together.

You could stop off for a quick coffee together before heading to work in the morning, for instance.

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