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Then ends it two days later because you don't believe in astrology or the secret.So do they capture the part of the relationship where you have intense, almost-physical fights rooted in unresolved parental issues and sometimes childhood bullying that are awful at the time but result in you both becoming better, more mature people?Or is she just your forced-to-be-happy servant wench there to be kawaii for your every whim and go skydiving on command? so i played it, its about 25 minutes long you, go to her house she explains what she did on vacation Skydiving in Swiss and the beaches of Spainyou then go to a dream sequence of both where you skydive and hang out on a beach with then tell her what you did on your vacation give her a dress, the game fades to black she whispers something not subtitled at you and the credits rollits not really a dating Sim at allno motion controls are used, you select everything by looking at themalso the girl only speaks Korean(?Skydiving 5 times a day every single day because you demand it? If it were a real Korean dating sim she'd still live with her parents and couldn't tell them about you until you decide to get married.When she did decide to tell them, they'd reject you because your salary was too low and you didn't graduate from a SKY or Ivy League university, and you'd lose touch with her after six years of dating only to find out that she rushed to marry another guy at her parent's request a few short months after she broke it off with you.The BTS Army will soon get the chance to virtually become managers to the world’s biggest K-pop group.

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