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She taught us so much about herself, her species, and about ourselves — how humans can be more humane.

And the lessons we’ve learned from Koko must never be forgotten — primarily that the conservation of our fellow great ape species can be achieved through good communication — Please help us realize the full potential of Koko’s Legacy by supporting the above projects, and transmitting the lessons of “Project Koko” — the longest running interspecies communication study in history, and the only one involving gorillas — to ALL great apes, both captive and free-living.

Collaborative archival is key for others to be able to build upon our work. This app, which currently exists only as a prototype, will make it fun for millions of people to learn basic American sign language (ASL) from Koko (and Penny) and help translate her many amazing videos.

Gorilla caregivers will be able to use it to share care-related signs with their gorillas and possibly to learn more of their many natural gestures.

They all have both the capacity and the right to communicate with us, and if we listen to them, we can both improve their lives in captivity and save them from man-made extinction in the wild.

gorillas are Kokos — scientists have observed gorillas using dozens of natural gestures — which means that any gorilla currently living in captivity, at a zoo or sanctuary, can become a gorilla ambassador (i.e., a spokesperson) like Koko, if we just give them the opportunity.

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