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Again, show your intentions and you’ll get your answer. You want to kiss her so the answer is a resounding yes!Once you make it clear that you’re interested in being more than a friend (through flirting and physical contact), she’s either going to accept your advances or not. As long as you’re both not having a miserable time, take the shot and see what happens.Being more successful with women isn’t that complex.

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They’ve discovered the simple solution that always works — action.

— Want a no bullshit plan of action to get you started?

And while I don’t have all the answers or do the “love and marriage thing” perfectly, I’ve learned a thing or two over the course of that time. Honeymoons end, and the cute stuff starts to look (and sound) pretty disgusting. We’ve had times when date nights were regular and we’ve had periods when date night kept getting shoved off to the eternal “next time.” The difference has been stark.

My approach e Book contains straightforward examples and anxiety exercises to try right now. You wouldn’t expect to know how to play a piano by thinking about playing.

You would sit down, place your hands on the keys, and practice your ass off. You can shoot the shit with close friends and family because you’ve interacted with them many times.

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