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sold more than 1 million copies and was passed around many Christian youth groups – including the one I attended here in the UK – throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Harris was just 21 years old when was published, but the book quickly became the most popular resource for a growing movement of Christians, which at its best, guided teenagers towards sexual abstinence, and at its worst, heaped shame and condemnation on young people who had been sexually active.

A woman stands up in the middle of the congregation, quietly walks to the front and takes David’s hand. Perhaps most famously, he recommended only beginning a relationship with someone if you could picture yourself marrying them in the near future.

“I’m…I’m sorry Anna,” he answers, staring at the floor. The solution was to embrace courtship – where couples pursue friendship before romance, and parents are given permission to offer advice and help guide the relationship.

”What do you think now about the opening story – where all those other women stand next to David on his wedding day, because he’d dated them in the past?

I think my writing really lacks nuance and balance, and for a lot of really impressionable young people it created a sense of real fear, and that had a negative impact on their view of relationships.

"I'll never forget the anger and disgust I felt at that moment," he wrote.

Thanks to the divine timing of God, Joshua Harris came to Regent College as a new seminary student at precisely the time I was considering making such a film.”The end result of Jessica and Joshua’s collaboration is now available to watch online (and Harris won’t make a penny from the kickstarter-funded ).I remember reading criticism early on but I had people around me at the time who were saying: “You just need to stand your ground”, “You need to be a strong leader”, “You’re too worried about people’s criticism.” So I shoved all that aside.You can’t measure the results of the book after only a year.Many of these ideas were already popular in the home-schooled, Bible belt American context that Harris grew up in.But to the wider Christian world (and the secular media, who were understandably intrigued by Harris) this teaching was brand new, not to mention radical.

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