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While crocks from well known companies have escalated in value, crocks designed by individuals from the 1800’s can be just as valuable.

After reading this article, if you are interested in buying your very own antique crock you may wish to search the following online sites: A number of factors determine the value of an antique crock.

It is thought crocks originated in France, although it wasn’t until the 1900’s that these stone kitchenware items were found in every American household.

When looking at the base of a crock, also look for any numbers.

The Red Wing pottery company in particular would mark each of their crocks with an identification number.

Williams & Reppert Greensboro – 1880 2 Gallons Produced in Pennsylvania, this is a red clay crock and features a freehand cobalt decoration. This crock stands 12 inches tall and features a simple ‘cloud’ design.

The designer of this particular pot was very well known in the pre civil war period.

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