Influencing group validating

She follows that precept to influence the tastes of music-lovers.

Shawne Duperon is a six-time Emmy-award winner who describes herself as a "good gossip researcher." She's spent a decade studying gossip, recently earning her Doctorate in the subject.

Ann Handley's background is in business journalism and editing but as the Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, she is one of the Internet's leading experts on content marketing.

She knows how to create and manage digital content that builds relationships for organizations and for individuals.

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Not all influencers are aimed at business-builders.Tamara Mc Cleary's Relation Shift marketing method is a set of twelve sessions designed to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses and their lives.Her lessons are drawn from twenty years of business-building during which she learned as much from her struggles as from her successes.She examines what causes people to share ideas and solutions.Her Project: Forgive is a non-profit leadership foundation that focuses on forgiveness. Launched in 1998, the channel soon became a series of stores and a weekly TV show launching hundreds of beauty brands.

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