Importance of dating after marriage

All marriages move through ups and downs; however, dating can play a vital part in how long they stay on either side of the spectrum.“It’s almost never too late to start the process of falling in love all over again,” says James Córdova, Ph.If not, find a way to hold hands as much as you can.If you’re walking, hold hands and walk as close to one another as possible.

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Not sitting on the couch watching Netflix, a real date.

Essentially, if you want to make your marriage the best it can be, you have to spend time alone with your spouse.

People can have the tendency to get hung up on the fancy dinner date, but a fancy dinner is not essential for a great date.

Do you remember when you first met the person who would become your husband or wife? Many of us look back with fondness on those carefree dating days, except they weren’t carefree at the time!

We worried about everything – from where the date would be and how to dress, to how to impress the other person.

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