I hate dating

What a terribly shaming expression the internet has given us (“you’re doing it wrong”).

"So if we agree that common interests and values are the types of things we're all looking for in relationships, how can we be expected to find them in an app that sorts for first-glance aesthetics and the ability to write one clever sentence about yourself? Your filters aren't set for love; they're set for lust, and their equation for it is faulty at best.

Believe it or not, that can be some of the most wonderful parts of dating, but also pretty terrifying. When you’re getting ready for a first date, or heading to the party where you’re supposed to meet that guy your friend has been telling you about (that she’s sure you’re going to just LOVE), you’re going to find yourself looking at yourself (in the mirror and in the emotional mirror) through a different sort of lens.

The problem with lenses, though, is that they often have huge distortions.

Or if we’re aware of them we don’t necessarily know how to correct for them on our own.

Compounding the problem is the contemporary myth that you and you alone are the expert on you.

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