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But there may have been a second reason beyond straightforward sexism that she was given a harsher sentence.The FBI wanted to use her as a mole to take down Hefner.She refused the move because she didn’t want to live in a car-dependent city after her accident.Around New Year’s, she did however go there on a trip with Hefner.hen hotel staff broke into Bobbie Arnstein’s Los Angeles hotel room on January 19, 1975, they found the 34 year old dead and fully dressed, lying in bed.She had left a suicide note, written in her typical self-effacing style.But because of her association with and with me, she became the central focus in a cocaine conspiracy case in which it appears she was only peripherally involved.” He blamed law enforcement’s “witch hunt” for the death of “one of the best, brightest, most worthwhile women I have ever known,” he said pausing with tears running down his face.He ended his statement on a similar note to Arnstein’s last words: exculpating himself.

When she was slated to skip the seventh grade, she didn’t want to leave him behind. They dated casually at first, but according to Gay Talese’s book, , the relationship “had ripened into a deep and special friendship,” and she quickly became indispensable.

Arnstein was keenly aware that it wasn’t a good time for the company, which was both in the midst of a discrimination suit brought by a black employee and being investigated by the IRS.

Nixon had even put Hefner on his “enemies list.”Arnstein’s trial lasted for eight weeks, and in November of 1974, she was sentenced to 15 years in prison — five years longer than that of the men involved, and they had masterminded the operation.

She refused to cooperate with police, or even speak in her own defense for fear that she would inadvertently say something that might harm Hefner. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois summoned her to his office, informed her that someone had a “contract” for her murder, and said that she should be careful.

After her conviction, she was released pending an appeal. He was trying to scare her into his protection so he could use her for his purposes.

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