How to build trust in a dating relationship

Trust in a relationship is such an important thing, but it’s not something that happens automatically, because trust has to be earned.

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In HIS "Psychology Today" article, "Building & Repairing Trust: Keys to Sustainable Relationship," Bedrick warns that if you minimize your pain, the wounds will never heal, and you won't be able to trust again. Don't jump right back into the dating pool and instead, get to know yourself again.Trust can be lost through rage, lies, violence, unethical activities, drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual infidelity.And once it’s broken, couples often face a ‘Humpty Dumpty’ scenario: it’s hard to build it back again.SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN ON i TUNES BY CLICKING HERE Additional Ways To Listen: STITCHER or SPOTIFY Enjoyed this episode of the podcast?Check out this episode about Junk Food Relationships: Healthy Relationships Aren’t Convenient Or check out this episode and find out what I think about the concept of “Finding The One“.

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