Hookup pretoria

It was flattering because you think “Oh, senior men are picking me over our own senior ladies,” but most of them are just trying to get you into bed.One time I was on a bus to campus from res and a senior student blatantly told me he wanted to have sex with me.Whats App Number Of Miss Benedicta a Sugar Mama in Pretoria….Are you still among those who hasn’t been favored with a sugar Mama in South Africa??The guys that do this are usually players and going after first years is easier [for them] because the girls don’t know what their true intentions are.

Now, as a senior student, I see it happen to the younger students.Ndumiso Makhoba, 21, Braamfontein Senior guys always prey on first year girls.The amount of attention you get from male students on campus decreases the longer you are here and that’s because they know that the older we get, the more we are aware of their intentions.This sort of thing happens mostly in residences because first years are easily identifiable during O-Week, which is when most of the senior guys choose their targets.You can ask any res student and they will tell you that this happens every single year.

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