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Following an Emperor's death or retirement, he is renamed according to the era of his reign.

The 19th-century French author Marie-Henri Beyle used many pen names, most famously the mononym Stendhal, adapted from the name of the little Prussian town of Stendal, birthplace of the German art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann, whom Stendhal admired.Roman Catholic popes have traditionally adopted a single, regnal name upon their election (except for John Paul I and II).The mononymous tradition reverted to form with the election and succession of Pope Benedict XVI in 2005 and Pope Francis in 2013.In the 19th century, most chiefs involved in the Apache Wars had mononym birth names, and some replaced those with mononymous nicknames: Geronimo (born Goyaałé), Victorio (born Beduiat), Cochise, and so on.Since the medieval period, mononyms in the West have almost exclusively been used to identify people who already had surnames.

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