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I still have sex, I still date, I still eat cereal in my bed with no pants on. Anna Turner is a Thrillist contributor specializing in the ever-evolving world of sex, dating, and singledom.

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In fact, according to an unpublished study performed by the doctor’s coworker, my transmission rate, when using condoms and immunosuppressive therapy like Valocyclovir, is closer to 0%.

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But given my lack of outbreaks (zero in the eight months since my initial diagnosis) and prior negative results, this see-sawing of results still wasn't conclusive enough to earn me a prescription for Valacyclovir, a daily medication that when used in conjunction with condoms reduces the risk of transmission to partners to 1.9%, according to medical studies conducted on patients with recurrent outbreaks.

I was bedridden for four weeks, unable to go to the bathroom unless I was in a tub of water (and even still the pain left me crying), sitting and lying on ice packs at all hours of the day, and racked with a 104-degree fever.

When the pain subsided, I transitioned into the next stage of this STD: being soundly rejected time and again by guys I liked as soon as I told them I had herpes. The next time I found something resembling sores around my crotch, I paid my doctor another visit.

The reality is, most people with herpes don’t know they have it because the majority of the time, it's dormant and inactive... Actually, the Center for Disease Control’s website advocates NOT TESTING for Herpes because there is no proof that knowing if you have the disease or not will alter sexual behavior and thus limit transmission.

Because there’s no proof of the benefits of testing, “the risk of shaming and stigmatizing people outweighs the potential benefits.

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