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Frank; Cast: Steven Seagal, Pam Grier, Henry Silva, Daniel Faraldo, Sharon Stone, Nicholas Kusenko. Villains quake and ladies swoon as ‘Action’ struts his stuff in this lunatic blaxploitation picture from producer Joel Silver.Impossible action, outrageous (and often unintentional) humour, a liberal sprinkling of nudity (Sharon Stone before Basic Instinct , Vanity after Prince) and a jazzy, funky soundtrack combine to create the perfect showcase for tough © The Adventures of Don Juan guy Carl Weathers, a leading man at last, if only for this one film.The Action Movie A-Z 'Sure it's violent, but that's the way we love it - violent, violent, violent! For sitting through a decade of rubbery monster movies with me at the cinema. ISBN 0 7134 78519 Dedication For all those cheerful, laid-back Saturday afternoons spent watching the classics on TV.

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In this movie alone, Predator's Carl Weathers leads the way, Commando’s Bill Duke plays his Captain, Die Hard's Robert Davi plays a freaky informant and Lethal Weapon’s A1 Leong pops up as Dellaplane’s chauffeur. Baxley; Producer: Joel Silver; Screenplay: Robert Reneau; Production Design: Virginia Randolph; Editor: Mark Helfrich; Photography: Matthew F. The Adventures of Don Juan USA 1948 110 mins CThave loved you since the beginning of time’, vows Don Juan. Lmaiden, “you only met me yesterday.’ “Why", he declares, ‘that was when time began!Seagal made his screen debut with this one, stumbling over the acting segments, but cracking skulls with the ruthless efficiency of a martial arts master.Sorely lacking in the charisma department, Seagal puts on a brave face and delivers attitude a-plenty, a Dirty Harry wannabe with some deadly moves and the shortest of fuses. leaps to North Africa where we meet the victim’s brother, a French Legionnaire named Lyon (Jean-Claude Van Damme, wooden but agile) who promptly busts out of camp, absent with¬ out a brain, and heads for the States to be with his sibling.A respected pillar of the community, businessman Peter Dellaplane (Craig T. Only Action knows the truth, and only he can do what’s right, namely kill a bunch of people and wreck half of Detroit in the name of jus¬ tice.Befriending Dellaplane’s wife Patrice (Stone) and teaming up with junkie singer Sydney (Vanity), Jackson jumps through windows, pounds gigantic henchmen, outruns speeding cabs and proves just how sensitive he is when, shortly after a man is blown apart in a huge explosion, comments that ‘there wasn’t enough of him left to spread on a pizza’.

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