Gridview rowupdating change new values

Here is the code: Row Updating event: Protected Sub gvd Transportation_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Update Event Args) If e.

Row Index) End Sub btn Update_Click event (where I rebind the Gridview after looping through each row): Protected Sub btn Update_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) Dim i As Integer = 0 Do While (i Hi juriggs, I think you need to assign "DESCRIPTION" update parameter in btn Update_Click event. I'm not sure I quite understand what you're saying. 1) I need to assign the "DESCRIPTION" update parameter in the button click event, not the Update Row function.

Handling Concurrency with the Entity Data Source Control The Entity Data Source control includes built-in logic that recognizes the concurrency settings in the data model and handles update and delete operations accordingly.

In the Add tab of the Choose Your Database Objects dialog box, expand Stored Procedures and select the three Office Assignment stored procedures see the following screenshot , and then click Finish. Enabling Concurrency Tracking in the Data Model In Visual Studio, open the Contoso University web application that you were working with in the previous tutorial in this series.

When I click on the edit button the update and cancel button appear.

Upon modifying the values in textbox which come from Edit Item Template , the new values dont show in the event handler rowupdating(), instead I get the values which appear when the page was rendered.

I appreciate you putting in all that time and energy to help me out.Suppose if we want give new value to old value simply it will discarded the old value and it will create new instance in memory to hold the new value.The user can then see the current values and retry the changes if they are still needed. This is the default behavior in the Entity Framework, and it can substantially reduce the number of conflicts that could result in data loss.For example, when the program executes: Sql Data Source1. Default Value = Direct Cast \ shortened for brevity my Autos Pane shows: Sql Data Source1. Default Value = "cheeseburgers1111" as the Value for the Parameter (with "cheeseburgers" being what I typed into the gridview cell). Also, I realized that the Grid View is inside of an Update Panel. In other words, if the user types in "cheeseburger", that is what shows in the updated Gridview. But when the gridview binds, the cell's text (lbl Description) just reads "cheeseburger". What I'm looking for is "cheeseburger1111" to show in the updated Gridview.

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