Gemini man dating aquarius woman interracial dating discrimination

Im a Gemini woman and I have a crush on a Aquarius boy. Its hard for me to show him that I like him and be the first oneto tell him that and he's the same. Please help To the Gemini woman asking If the aqua man will forgive and forgetyour threesome and will you thrive together.... It mayhave been said that It was "open", but that mans nothing to the Aqua.I know we are attracted to each other butnow I wanna be his girl and I don't know how to make this happen. You werebeing tested, likely, to see what would happen during "open season". He may forgive you, but you will be nothing but an acquaintance now.I've hurt him so much and now heregards me with contempt.Will he ever regard me with the love and care he hasdone before - will he ever love me again and see a future with me or Is myindiscretion the end of our beautiful union?The only problem Is that he's 17 years older than and he wasmy aunt's supervisor. But other than that, we always have sex when we seeeach other sometimes even 3x to 5x a night. When we brokeup, I hit Into a deep depression like I lost my best friend and soul mate. But seems like we guna hit rock bottom againwith another break up. I'm currently heavily smitten, even In love with my Aquarius mate.He's a mess with lots of past Issues and I (being the Gemini) always willing to compromise to make this relationship work out! Icall him aquaman, we met back In fall and when I first saw him, I t was likeseeing the sun for the first time. Gemini woman here, who was with an Aquarius man for 4 1/2 years.This Is probably enough for some people but not for me.I am a Gemini woman who's In love with my Aquarius man.

I love thisman with everything that's good Inside me.I have been In an online relationship with an Aquarian male for thepast two years.But our relationship was "open" Yesterday I came clean about athreesome I had last year In November and the way he looked at me was soulbreaking.I feel so good when Im near him, that's why Ialways wanna be close too him, his body language towards me screams powerfullyand I only ask for him to let us grow Into something. We are no longer together cause he always want to be In control of would broke up, we got back together over 3 times.But It seems like we gunahit rock bottom again with another breakup for good.

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