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I was thinking about the events that had taken place that night. Then I got up and placed my cock between her thighs. I awaited a few seconds and then pushed my cock head in her pussy. Mom was tight as though she had never been fucked before.

I was feeling it difficult to enter her even when she was wet. I continued fucking mom and kept on entering more length of my cock in her pussy.

My dad had to go on the business trips most of the time. On the fourth day my grandmother called and asked my mom to send Kiran to her house as it was our summer vacations. When mom came back I asked her when Kiran would be back. After sometime I switched the tv off and was about to enter my room when I heard a soft moan. There was mom on the bed masturbating with her fingers and watching a porno movie on the tv. I tried to get in the room but the door was locked. She was wearing a shirt and shorts as it was a hot day. She could not see me as she had her back towards the door. I could see a spot on the back of her robe made by her pussy juices. She was also pinching her nipples with the other hand. And then mom moaned, Aaaaahhhh I started sucking at her other nipple and she again moaned. She had also wanted to do it with me for a long time? I made my way down to her pussy constantly kissing every part of her body.

She told me that Kiran would be staying for whole time with grandmother and we would meet her there whenever we wished. I rushed to the bathroom and started stroking my cock there. That night we were tv in the lounge when she said, Now I will be sleeping in your dads room. But remained there watching mom masturbating and myself stroking my cock. She had the upper buttons of her shirt open and when she bent to do something I got to see her tits. She had her eyes closed so she did not see me coming in. I got on the bed and took my mouth away from her nipples. I could feel her thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

Mom moaned and started rubbing her pussy against my cock.

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She bit her lips while doing this and then moaned, Oooooohhhhh God!

Then mom lowered her mouth and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

After sometime, mom started sucking whole length of my shaft and now it was my turn to moan, Oh!

She tried to do it manually but tv had child lock on. Mom started moaning when I sucked her tits and said, Yes, do it.

She placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face deep into her pussy.

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