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For intelligence, women follow the first pattern: Those who describe themselves as intelligent prefer men who describe themselves as intelligent, and women who don’t prefer men who don’t.

Men follow the second pattern: All men prefer women who describe themselves as intelligent, but men who describe themselves as intelligent display a stronger preference.

In a final effort to find opposites who attracted on e Harmony, I decided to look for the cliché example: sugar daddies. Of course, in a dataset of a million couples, you’ll find some who fit the sugar daddy stereotype: a younger and more attractive woman matched with an older, wealthier man.

And it is true that more attractive women are more influenced by the man’s income when deciding whether to message him: Unattractive women aren’t much affected by a man’s income, but very attractive women are much more likely to message men with higher incomes.

We make genetic discoveries by combining DNA from saliva samples with thousands of survey questions, some of which you might find on a dating site — “Have you ever cheated on a long-term relationship partner or spouse?

” — but many you wouldn’t — “Has a doctor ever diagnosed you with Parkinson’s disease?

Before we even meet, myriad forces guide us away from people who are different from us — work, schooling, e Harmony’s algorithm.” He believes there are obvious questions where opposites would attract, and when I joined Ok Cupid to explore this (my boyfriend was displeased) I found several questions, or traits, for which it seemed like this must be true: You can’t both be on top, for example.Perhaps the most striking confirmation of the idea that birds of a feather flock together comes from the data of 23and Me, the genetics company where I work.Women who message significantly older men were calculated to be less attractive than those men, and I could find no evidence that they cared more about income, or less about attractiveness, than women paired with men their own age.If you’re an aspiring sugar daddy, e Harmony may not be for you.

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    The personals on Mingle2 are pretty brief, but one advantage is that it allows you to search for people by interest.

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